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As a high performing organization, we recognize that two of the most important things people value in their jobs are appreciation and recognition. These are powerful motivators that lead to an increase in performance, productivity, morale, employee retention, and overall job satisfaction.

What is the Urewards store? A web-based store which contains UVA Health System merchandise used to recognize team members quickly and easily. PROShop merchandise can be requested by team members or by Medical Center managers.

What are Urewards? A "token" distributed by management to team members whom the manager would like to recognize for their performance or behaviors which are consistent with our organization's values.

Here's how it works. The Urewards cards are funded annually by Human Resources. Each Medical Center department manager is given 2 Urewards 5 point cards for every worked FTE. Managers are asked to use the Urewards to replenish their Uteam Celebration toolkit or whomever they wish to recognize and reward. The recipient of a Urewards may be an employee of the manager who is giving the Urewards or a team member of a different manager.

If a team member receives a Urewards card, they may log onto the Urewards store and redeem it for merchandise. Team Members may redeem Urewards one at a time or collect them and redeem them for items that require more than one Urewards. Urewards expire June 30, 2018.

Managers and Supervisors to order refills for your toolkits with using your Urewards cards please email Uteam with you needs, department PTAO number, and physical location (building, floor, and room number) for delivery.

How do team members redeem Urewards? Each Urewards card is accompanied with a redemption card that contains redemption instructions. The card points the team member to the Urewards website. Once the team member selects the merchandise they want, they will be asked for the following information:

1. Shipping address (building location printed and checked off on back of redemption card, floor and room number of department manager)

2. Unique number on the Urewards card

3. UVA email address

A confirmation email will be sent to the team member once the order is placed. Ordered merchandise will be delivered to the requesting team members in less than two weeks.

Each month, we recognize individuals for outstanding service to UVA Health System based on our ASPIRE Core Values: Accountability, Stewardship, Professionalism, Integrity, Respect and Excellence.

You can nominate a team member or be nominated for:

  • Demonstrating a caring manner and a strong customer focus
  • Working well with others
  • Making your department a better place to work
  • Serving as a role model for others
  • Demonstrating a commitment to patient safety/patient-centered care

It’s an honor to be recognized as Uteam Member of the Month. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Congratulatory letter, certificate and special ID badge
  • $100 bonus
  • Announcements in the cafeteria, on Knowledge-Link and Connect
  • A picture of YOU featured on the Uteam Web Page

The 2019 Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contributor Award Honorees will be announced in May.

Exactly what it sounds like – an award to recognize team members whose service and contribution to the University have exceeded even the highest expectations! This kind of service can be in the form of service to students, patients, other University customers, management or fellow team members.

Nominations are open to all – patients, visitors and co-workers – and can be for outstanding contributions that have enhanced internal and/or public regard for the services provided by the University.

If selected, you will be recognized at an annual banquet. An honor indeed.

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A long tenure deserves recognition. That’s why we give a special nod to team members who achieve certain service milestones – 10 years of continuous service and every five years after.

Service anniversaries of 10, 15 and 20 years by July 1 are honored at a university-wide reception. If you reach your 25 or more years of service milestones, we are proud to celebrate with you at the Annual Service Awards Banquet.

This is not just your ordinary banquet – it is a red carpet event designed to celebrate you and your tenure at our organization. Special speakers, special food, special recognition and an exciting evening you won’t want to miss.

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