Work and Home - a balancing act. It can be challenging to balance all of the areas of life such as career, home life, relationships, children, community and volunteer commitments, money, and our physical and emotional health. Learn more about the UVA Health System WorkLife program and its services including:

  • Balancing Work and Home
  • Childcare and Parenting
  • Diversity
  • Eldercare
  • Financial and Legal
  • Flexible Work
  • Self-screening Tools
  • Wellness


Are you expecting or planning on growing you family?

Join Uteam and The Women’s Place for an educational baby shower.

Thursday, March 30, 2017, in the dayroom of 8 East in the main hospital.  



Representatives from FEAP, Hoo’s Well, UVA Lactation, The Children’s Hospital and HR will be available to answer questions and provide information on programs and services that are available exclusively to UVA team members.  Team members will be providing tours of the newly remodeled Labor and Delivery unit, postpartum rooms, and the new birthing tub.  

Breastfeeding Mothers - UVA Medical Center knows the positive benefits of breastfeeding your baby. Giving you access to pump at work is important for both of you.  In recognition of our commitment to you and our patients, University of Virginia Children’s Hospital and UVA Women’s Services has earned, and been identified as, a Baby-Friendly® designated birth facility by Baby-Friendly USA.  This acknowledgment is a prestigious designation for providing the highest level of care for new mothers and their babies.

As an employer of choice, UVA Medical Center is committed to providing you with the support you need if you choose to breastfeed after returning to work.  Listed below are the rooms throughout the health system that have been dedicated for nursing team members: 

UVA Medical Center*

  • Room #G441
  • Room #G454 (Residents’ lounge)
  • Room #8538

Battle Building

  • Room #3222
  • Room #3223

Northfork Research Park**

4105 Lewis & Clark, room #1030


Room #3246

If your facility is not listed above, please work with your manager or Human Resources  at 434.243.3344 to identify an appropriate space.

 *Team members contact Kathryn Heck for access

**Medical Center team members contact Sarah Hetmanski for access; UPG team members contact Debby Martin for access

Check for this symbol to indicate a dedicated breastfeeding room:

 Faculty and Employee Assistance (FEAP)  is an extensive support program available to all faculty and team members and their families, offering consultation services, seminars, coaching, counseling, and other referral services relating to personal and professional matters including:

Brief Counseling

  • High Risk Assessment
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Manager Consultation
  • Resiliency & Stress Management
  • WorkLife Balance
  • Eldercare Consultation
  • Legal/Financial Referral
  • Workplace Seminars

Learn more about FEAP


Childcare support is available through:


CAVPool:  UVa's Carpool Incentives Program:

Carpooling is an environmentally and financially responsible commuting decision. UVa Parking and Transportation offers incentives to encourage UVa commuters to share the ride. Incentives include an accelerated request time for close-in parking and a discount on parking that increases when you carpool with more riders.


2 Riders = 25%

3 Riders = 40%

4+ Riders = 100%

We know carpoolers may need to drive separately on occasion. To support you, Occasional Parking Permits are provided. Each member receives 10 close-in occasional parking permits and 10 University Hall occasional permits per year.

Learn more about Parking and Transporation